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Courses for Qualified SpLD professionals

SpLD professionals - Continue Your Professional Developpment
Continuing Professional Development for qualified SpLD professionals 

The following online courses are provided primarily for professionals who are qualified in SpLD teaching and/or SpLD teaching/assessment and wish to refresh and update professional knowledge and practice.  Most of the Dyslexia Action courses offer discounts for those who are members of The Dyslexia Guild. 

All materials are provided online (where required) with the exception of Assessment Tests which can be purchased from the Dyslexia Action Shop. (also with a 10% discount if you are a Guild member).

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is essential for specialist teachers, assessors, and practitioners; it helps you to stay at the forefront of information in the field by updating your knowledge and professional practice.

Courses for Qualified SpLD Teachers/Practitioners

Upgrade your current literacy programme to the Dyslexia Action Literacy Programme (DALP) suitable for those who hold a recent and relevant Level 5 or Level 7 SpLD teaching qualification,  develop your experience in placement processes to effectively target specialist support needed, and use morphology to support reading comprehension.

For details on all courses for trained SpLD teacher/practitioners click here

We also offer Level 4 and 5 CPD courses for dyslexia and literacy including supporting individuals with memory weaknesses, supporting study skills with adults, developing literacy skills with assistive technology, developing reading, writing and spelling, and developing numeracy skills with dyslexia and dyscalculia . Other courses focus on mental health for example the Level 5 CPD course ‘The Emotionally Connected Classroom‘.

For details on our level 4 and 5 CPD courses click here

Courses for Qualified SpLD Teacher/Practitioner Assessors

Dyslexia Action and Real Training offer a range of courses for qualified SpLD specialist teacher/practitioner assessors to update their knowledge and skills in specialist assessment for dyslexia and specific learning difficulties. Courses may have different pre-entry requirements and include Applying for or renewing an APC (SASC approved), Assessment of Memory and Learning (SASC approved), Cognitive Abilities (CAP) and Free Access Arrangements Updates.  

For details on all courses for SpLD teacher/practitioner assessors click here

The Dyslexia Guild

Are you a member of The Dyslexia Guild?  We feel sure that you would appreciate the numerous benefits membership offers, including a professional networking community including online forums, topical journal, e-newsletter and an online library with e-books and e-journals (membership at Member (MDG) or Fellow (FDG) level may also allow you to borrow assessment tests from the library).
Fellows of the Guild receive one free CPD course per membership year. 

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