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The Dyslexia Guild

What is The Dyslexia Guild?

The Dyslexia Guild is a membership body which welcomes all individuals with a professional interest in dyslexia and specific learning difficulties (SpLD).

What does the Guild offer:

Download our membership information leaflet here and select from our menu’s below.

Who can join?
The Guild is an open membership group with members working and learning in a wide range of settings. The Guild welcomes all professionals with an interest in dyslexia/SpLD and has a special rate for organisations.  Click on the drop down menu below to join.

Members include:
Dyslexia/SpLD specialist teachers and assessors, teaching assistants, SENCos, learning support staff and tutors from further and higher education, speech and language therapists, psychologists and librarians.
Directory of members

Professional membership for Study Skills Tutors
Support Staff who require professional membership for NMH/DFE/DSA-QAG registration can find further details by clicking on Membership grades drop down below.

Member Benefits

Our members benefit from a wealth of resources and services including:

  • A directory of members A great place to advertise your contact details to those seeking tuition or assessment or study skills support
  • Designatory Letters – Associate (ADG), Associate FE/HE (ADG FE/HE), Member (MDG), Fellow (FDG) –  Please scroll down for more information
  • Free access to online forums with our specialist moderators offering question and answer sessions (including assessment and APC, exam access arrangements and a general section)
  • Free access to a dedicated guild member website which contains previously recorded webinars, conference papers and much more
  • Free access to our specialist library which includes online books and journals and other resources relating to the field of dyslexia and specific learning difficulties (including the loan of test materials, terms apply)  
  • Free copies of the Dyslexia Review magazine, published twice a year. The Review is a topical journal that features academic articles, cutting-edge research, updates, book and assessment test reviews. Download a sample copy
  • Free quarterly e-newsletter, the guild gallery
  • A vibrant annual conference providing discussion, information and best practice in the field of dyslexia/SpLD;
  • Updates on research and development through our publication Dyslexia Review and distribution of topical news, updates and information through Guild Gallery our online newsletter.
  • Free webinars and other events
  • Reduced rate entry to our annual summer conference and other great events
  • 10% discount on products sold through our online resources shop
  • Discounts on selected specialist courses
  • Dyslexia Action is approved to issue Assessment Practising Certificates for those carrying out assessments in schools and colleges and in support of the Disabled Students Allowance, recognised by the SpLD Assessment Standards Committee (SASC)
  • Professional indemnity insurance at preferential rates

For a reduced cost, you can sign up for our affiliate membership which has the following restrictions:

  • Online Library Access only (no hard copies)
  • Online Dyslexia Review only (no hard copies)
  • No designatory letters or membership grade higher than Affiliate

Membership Grades

Dyslexia Guild Membership Grades

Dyslexia Guild members are eligible for designatory letters in recognition of their qualifications and professional status. If you are a current Guild member who has not yet updated your qualifications please click here.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)
Dyslexia Guild members are encouraged to undertake regular professional development to improve their personal practice and are expected to undertake, as a minimum, 30 hours of CPD a year. All members of the Guild commit to uphold the Dyslexia Guild Code of Practice.

Our grades of membership are as follows:

  • Affiliate Members are working or studying in a relevant educational setting and are gaining suitable experience in the field of dyslexia/SpLD. They do not have Guild designatory letters after their name. This grade is not suitable for NMH members, see Associate FE/HE.
  • Associate Members (ADG) are professional members and specialist teachers with a level 5 or level 7 specialist teaching qualification in dyslexia/SpLD.
  • Associate Members (ADG FE/HE) are professional members and support tutors in further and higher education. They have gained membership through Accreditation of Prior Experience and Learning (APEL) and hold qualifications relevant to student support for Non-Medical Helpers (NMH) Band 4 Study skills.
    For further information please see: Professional membership guide for one-to-one study skills tutors DSA-QAG
  • Members (MDG) are professional members and specialist teacher assessors with a level 7 specialist teacher/assessor qualification in dyslexia/SpLD.
  • Fellows (FDG) are professional members and specialist teacher assessors with a level 7 specialist teacher/assessor qualification in dyslexia/SpLD. They hold a minimum of 7 years specialist teaching and 4 years specialist assessment experience in dyslexia/SpLD.

If you are unsure if your qualifications are eligible please email copies of your degree/relevant SpLD certificates, current curriculum vitae and a covering note to: guild@dyslexiaaction.org.uk

The Dyslexia Guild also offers:

  • a Group Membership Scheme for educational establishments who wish to offer membership for up to four staff on an Affiliate basis.
  • a Business Affiliate Scheme for recognised providers of educational services and/or materials who wish to endorse and support the work of the Dyslexia Guild.
  • Please note: Neither of these schemes are suitable for APC holders or NMH members.

For further information please email us or telephone 01784 222 342.

Join today

The Dyslexia Guild logo

Guild Membership – UK and Overseas

Join today to start enjoying the wealth of benefits available to Guild Members. The general member rate is applicable to the following grades of membership:

There are different levels of membership available please see below to select which one is most appropriate for you:

Associate; Associate FE/HE; Member

These are the professional membership grades for specialist teachers, teacher assessors and support tutors.

 Annual Fees:

  • Pay Online: £72 (plus VAT)
  • Direct Debit: £62 (plus VAT)
  • Please note selecting Pay Later will incur a £25 (plus VAT) administration charge for invoicing
  • Apply or renew now
  • Terms and conditions
  • Please click here for Information about Reclaiming VAT

N.B. Affiliate members who wish to access full membership benefits may do so at this rate but will not gain designatory letters without meeting the relevant criteria.

Already a current member? Click here to update your qualifications to receive designatory letters.

Affiliate Membership

Does not confer designatory letters and gives access to a reduced range of mainly electronic benefits. It is suitable for those who do not meet the professional membership requirements; for those who are studying on professional courses, or for educators who have a general interest in Dyslexia/SpLD. This rate is also available to specialist teachers and assessors who have retired from professional employment.
Please note: This level of membership is not suitable for APC holders or NMH members.

 Annual Fees:

  • Pay Online: £46 (plus VAT)
  • Direct Debit: £36 (plus VAT)
  • Please note selecting Pay Later will incur a £25 (plus VAT) administration charge for invoicing.
  • Apply now
  • Terms and conditions
  • Please click here for Information about Reclaiming VAT


Is the recognition of achievement and a significant contribution to the field. It is for those who demonstrate a commitment to advancing standards, best practice and encourage this in their peers. Fellows must have held Guild membership for at least a year and meet the specified requirements on how to apply which you can find here.

 Annual Fees:

  • Pay Online: £100 (plus VAT) 
  • Direct Debit: £80.00(plus VAT)
  • Please note selecting Pay Later will incur a £25 (plus VAT) administration charge for invoicing
  • Terms and conditions
  • Please click here for Information about Reclaiming VAT

Group Membership

Is open to schools, colleges, university departments, library services, publishers and other professional groups involved in the education of people with dyslexia.

  • Up to 4 named members can be included in this membership.
  • Group members receive two (hard) copies of the Dyslexia Review (plus four soft copies)
  • A reduced rate entry to our annual summer conference for any number of staff
  • Please email us for details (preferably providing us at the time with the names and email addresses of the four members of staff, a purchase order number for invoicing and finance department contact details)

 Annual Fees:

  • Pay Online: £220 (plus VAT)
  • Direct Debit: £210 (plus VAT)*
    *N.B. We apologise that this option is temporarily unavailable for new memberships.
  • Please note selecting Pay Later will incur a £25 (plus VAT) administration charge for invoicing
  • Please click here for Information about Reclaiming VAT

Business Affiliate

Is for providers of educational materials who wish to endorse and support the work of the Dyslexia Guild. Please email us for details.

 Annual Fees:

  • Pay Online: £500 (plus VAT)
  • Direct Debit: £450 (plus VAT)*
    *N.B. We apologise that this option is temporarily unavailable for new memberships
  • Please note selecting Pay Later will incur a £25 (plus VAT) administration charge for invoicing.
  • Please click here for Information about Reclaiming VAT

For further information please email us or call 01784 222342.

Annual Conference 28 June 2018 Birmingham

The Dyslexia Guild Annual Summer Conference will be held at Aston University, Birmingham on Thursday 28 June 2018.

There is also an opportunity to book for a seminar, dinner and accommodation on Wednesday 27 June.

We welcome all those with a professional interest in dyslexia and SpLD (you do not need to be a guild member but will receive a discounted rate if you are), including specialist teachers and assessors, psychologists, learning support tutors and assistants.  Guild members enjoy a preferential rate and we welcome new members to our community from all settings.

Our conference aims to provide a great opportunity to meet and network with dyslexia/SpLD specialists. It enables practitioners to hear expert views and examine current topical issues relating to literacy and dyslexia/SpLD in a warm and vibrant conference setting:

  • Receive a discount on your place at the conference as a Guild member.
  • Hear about research and current topics from our expert speakers
  • Network with others from around the world of SpLD
  • Visit our Dyslexia Action Shop
  • Take time out of your busy schedule to learn and reflect
  • Take home a certificate for your Continuing Professional Development (5 hours)

Our programme includes, but is not limited to:

  • Keynote Speaker: Professor Clare Wood
    School of Social Sciences, Nottingham University
    Speech Rhythm and Reading Development: Potential for Intervention?
    In this presentation Clare will talk about the links between speech rhythm and children’s reading development.  In this talk she will  also talk about the Leverhulme Trust funded project she conducted which explored whether it is possible to train children to become more aware of speech rhythm, and whether such training can impact reading ability. The talk will give examples of the types of activities used in the research, and other approaches that may be used to develop children’s awareness of speech rhythm.
  • Session Speaker: Dr Adrian J. Wallbank
    Re-Thinking Academic Writing for Dyslexic Students in Higher Education
    This session Dr Adrian Wallbank will be sharing insights from his most recent publication, Academic Writing and Dyslexia: A Visual Guide to Writing at University (Routledge, January 2018) and present some of the bespoke visual strategies he has developed for helping dyslexic writers process, structure and articulate their thoughts. Developed by a dyslexic, for dyslexics, the session will examine how a system of meaningful visual templates, icons and prompts can be used to harness the ‘big picture’ strengths, multidimensional thought processing and visual learning preferences of dyslexics so that students can play to their strengths and write with confidence.
  • Session Speakers: Dr Karisa Krcmar and Mrs Tina Horsman
    Mindfulness for Study: From Procrastination to Action
    It is widely established there are many pressures and distractions for those studying in today’s education environments. Over the last four years, as part of their work with students, the presenters developed a programme of mindfulness workshops, combining study techniques and practical mindful practice; thereby supporting the maintenance of good physical, emotional and mental health. The book ‘Mindfulness for Study: From Procrastination to Action’ was the culmination of this work. This presentation examines the structure of the programme, evaluates its success and suggests how it may be applied in other institutions and contexts.

Conference Fees

  • Wednesday and Thursday – £247.00 inclusive of VAT
    (includes speaker, conference dinner and accommodation on Wednesday. Thursday full conference programme, lunch and refreshments)
  • Thursday 10am-4.15pm
    (includes full conference, lunch and refreshments)
    £125 inclusive of VAT* member price
    £150 inclusive of VAT* non-member price
** non-members join the guild today before signing up for the conference and book the conference at the member rate.
*payments not made online by debit or credit card at time of online registration are subject to a £25 plus VAT charge.

How to Book

For bookings please contact the office on 01784-222304.

Current Guild Members and Log in

Please click here to access the Guild Members’ website which includes:

If you experience difficulties with logging in to the Guild Member website please email us or call 01784 222 304.

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