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Courses for Qualified SpLD Specialist Teacher Assessors


Dyslexia Action and Real Training offer a range of courses for qualified SpLD specialist teacher assessors update their knowledge and skills in specialist assessment for dyslexia and specific learning difficulties. Courses may have different pre-entry requirements. All course materials are provided online with the exception of Assessment Tests which (where required) can be purchased through the Dyslexia Action Shop.

Applying for and Renewing an Assessment Practising Certificate (DAAPCONL)

Updated October 2019: New Developments in diagnostic reporting.  Includes materials and guidance based on the new SASC report format (mandatory from Summer 2020).

This specialist assessment CPD training course covers current best practice in report writing and preparation for those looking to gain or renew an Assessment Practising Certificate (APC). This course has been specifically designed to update qualified SpLD specialist teacher assessors on the SASC requirements for dyslexia/SpLD report writing and to meet APC renewal criteria. This online course runs over a four- week period and is supported by specialist tutors through online forums. Participants will be able to update their knowledge and understanding by revisiting and reviewing aspects of psychometric testing; improve their skills by considering the SASC report writing requirements; examine good practice case studies; review Dyslexia Action’s evaluation criteria and match these in order to produce a good report. Click here for further information and to book.

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Assessment of Memory and Learning – Examining the Test of Memory and Learning 2 -TOMAL2 (DACPD802)

This course gives an opportunity for qualified SpLD specialist teacher assessors to look in-depth at an assessment battery that is designed to measure several areas of memory and learning potential for example, aptitude with visual and configural information, aptitude holding and manipulating sound information, associative learning etc. The course also provides the opportunity to discuss and examine some current assessment practices/conventions including some more advance statistical methods. All materials are provided however participants should have access to a copy of this assessment test for practical applications. Click here for further information and to book.

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Real Training Access Arrangements Course (AAC)

The Access Arrangements Course will enable you to understand and apply the principles of access arrangements using the latest JCQ Regulations. You will review the essential requirements and implications of the relevant legislation and be able to write suitable and appropriate assessment reports for submission to examination boards where they are required.

If you plan to take the Access Arrangements Course on its own, then you must first hold either the postgraduate Professional Certificate in Assessment or the Professional Diploma in SpLD awarded by Dyslexia Action or the CCET course with Real Training. A combined CCET and AAC course is offered below. Click here for further information and to book.

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Real Training Certificate in Psychometric Training, Assessment and Access Arrangements (CPT3A)

This course combines the Certificate of Competence in Educational Testing (CCET) module which provides training on the effective use of psychometric testing instruments and an Access Arrangements Course (AAC) which will show you how to apply relevant assessment practice in examination access arrangements. Click here for further information and to book.

Joining the BPS RTQU & maintaining your registration

Even though registering on the BPS’s Register of Qualifications in Test Use is not mandatory, it is recommended to join the RQTU. If you completed CCET or CPT3A with Real Training and your registration with the BPS expired, please follow the instructions here

Real Training Access Arrangements Update 2020–2021

Free to access update, available to all qualified access arrangements professionals.  Provides participants with an update on the latest JCQ Regulations and topical videos that present the key changes and responsibilities for centre assessors including gathering evidence and implementing it on the JCQ Form 8. See further information here

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The Dyslexia Guild

Are you a member of The Dyslexia Guild?  We feel sure that you would appreciate the numerous benefits membership offers, including a professional networking community including online forums, topical journal, e-newsletter and an online library with e-books and e-journals. Click here for details.

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