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Unit – The Emotionally Connected Classroom (RT00001)

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The Emotionally Connected Classroom (RT00001) Unit has been developed by our team of experienced Educational Psychologists, who are familiar with the challenges of school-life. This short online Level 5 CPD Unit will provide an understanding of the impact of emotions on the thinking brain and its implications for learning. It provides an introduction to key elements of current research in this area, alongside tools and strategies that can be utilised to develop connectedness and relationships.

What our delegates say about this course

“I found a lot of the course material extremely interesting. I especially like the video context, and the presentation. Dyslexia Action have excelled!” – Ross Thomas

“The course was perfect, the timing, the material, tasks were very well planned.” – Sarah Hejazi

“The course allowed me to understand the brain and behaviour in a way which will ensure I’m more empathetic and more purposeful in my use of language and strategies.” – Celia North

Why choose The Emotionally Connected Classroom?

The Emotionally Connected Classroom

Recent neuropsychological research has shown the impact of stress and trauma on the child’s developing brain and the impact this can have on their learning and wellbeing. There is also evidence that indicates that building relationships with pupils in schools has a significant impact on their well being, availability for learning and benefits to the school community. In this course you will learn about how to develop positive relationships with pupils while understanding the challenges that they may be facing.

How is the course structured?

The Emotionally Connected Classroom comprises three study cycles, each of which includes a Study, Practice, Reflect, and Collaborate section, and associated practical tasks, with reference to current research and case studies.

First, in the Study sections, you will be guided through materials that will support your understanding of different aspects of The Emotionally Connected Classroom before moving onto the Practice section, where you will start to undertake activities to embed the more theoretical information into practical activities. From there, you will be prompted to reflect on your learning in practice before engaging in social learning (Collaborate).

Supported throughout by our team of experienced tutors, this practice-led course will help you to build your practical skills and enable you to create an effective relating classroom.

Learning Outcomes

On completion of The Emotionally Connected Classroom you will be able to:

  • Understand the impact of stress and trauma on the brain
  • Discuss pupils’ emotions and the impact this can have on their behaviour
  • Identify ideas for developing relational based practice in your provision
  • Apply strategies to build pupils’ resources and resilience to manage their emotions
  • Share examples of good practice within our virtual online community
  • Receive supervision support and feedback from an online tutor
  • Reflect on and develop your own practice

Who is the course for?

This course is suited to anyone who would like to improve their relational approach to working with children and young people in their setting. For example:

  • Teachers
  • Teaching assistants
  • Pastoral support leads
  • Learning support staff
  • SENCOs
  • Wellbeing support leads
  • Learning mentors

Are you eligible?

Applicants should:

  • Have some current or recent experience working in a classroom environment in an educational setting
  • Be qualified to at least level 3 (‘A’ level) on the UK qualifications framework or have other equivalent qualifications and relevant experience
  • Teaching assistants must be mentored by a qualified teaching professional whilst on the course
  • Have a minimum English language ability level such as IELTS 6 or TOEFL 60-78 points

Is this course accredited?

The Emotionally Connected Classroom Level 5 CPD Unit is approved by The CPD Standards Office.

Our Level 5 SEMH programme is approved by The CPD Standards Office and you receive a certificate from Dyslexia Action upon completion.

How is the course delivered?

  • The course is delivered online which offers you the flexibility to organise your time to fit around your professional and personal commitments. It also saves you the time and expense of travel and classroom attendance
  • Dyslexia Action uses the Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) Campus Online as the method of delivery for CPD units
  • Total study time is 5 hrs a week (30 hours total study over a 7 week period)
  • Tutor support is offered through the course forums
  • Dyslexia Action uses the Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) Campus Online as the method of delivery for the CPD units
  • This qualification equates to Level 5 on the National Qualifications Framework (NQF) and the Qualifications and Credit Framework (QCF)

How much does it cost?

  • Pay online by debit/credit card at the time of registration £295+VAT
  • Pay later/Invoice upfront option £320+VAT (this price includes an additional fee of £25+VAT for those choosing not to pay online at time of registration. All monies must be received before the start of the course, the pay later option is only available up to 2 weeks before the start of the course)

How to apply?

The SEMH CPD Programme runs four times a year. Please click on the date below to make a booking.

  • 13 March 2024 Book by 6 March if paying by credit/debit card at time of registration (invoice upfront/pay later option has now closed)
  • 10 July 2024 Bookings open March
  • 11 September Bookings open September

Please note: that we reserve the right to change/cancel course dates and/or schedules subject to booking numbers.

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