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Level 7 Professional Certificate in Assessment Practice for Dyslexia and Literacy

Assessor Course

This Specialist Assessor Course is only available to those individuals who already hold a Specialist SpLD Teaching Qualification such as the Dyslexia Action Level 7 Certificate in Structured Teaching Intervention, Level 5 Diploma in Strategic Teaching Support for Dyslexia and Literacy, OCR Level 5 (with ATS) or other BDA accredited courses.

This Specialist Assessor Course is a unique and prestigious programme at Master’s level 7 that provides the training for qualified teachers to become informed practitioners and specialist assessors. The courses are modular and flexible and are undertaken part time, through online learning.

Course Content

This Specialist Assessor Course comprises THREE modules at Level 7 which provides training as a specialist assessor AND a rigorous level 7 course gaining 60 credits towards a Master’s level (postgraduate) qualification with Middlesex University London. The three 20 credit modules are:

Module B: Principles of Assessment for Dyslexia and Literacy – 20 credits

Learning Outcomes – On successful completion of this module, students will be able to:

  • Examine the construct “intelligence” and methods used to quantify it
  • Critically evaluate the role of statistical analysis in the interpretation of assessment results
  • Appraise the appropriateness of assessment tests and techniques for a variety of purposes
  • Appraise a range of factors that can affect learners’ performance in an assessment situation

Module D: Assessment of Literacy Related Difficulties – 20 credits

Learning Outcomes – On successful completion of this module, students will be able to:

  • Critically evaluate current perspectives on the assessment of literacy-related difficulties and
    reflect on their importance.
  • Critically examine the principles and practice of the psychometric assessment process
  • Demonstrate competence in test selection, administration, and scoring
  • Demonstrate competent interpretation of statistical evidence and the ability to link findings
    to appropriate intervention strategies
  • Construct a professional assessment report for a learner with literacy difficulties and
    demonstrate critical reflective practice.

Module E: Assessment of Specific Learning Difficulty (Dyslexia) – 20 credits

Learning Outcomes – On successful completion of this module, students will be able to:

  • Critically evaluate the suitability of a range of tests for a particular assessment situation and
    other knowledge that informs the assessment process and demonstrates how they apply to
  • Systematically analyse information regarding the relevance to learning of the key findings of
    a range of assessment tools and critically reflect on the ways in which engagement with
    others contribute to the development of selected approaches
  • Demonstrate how the development of a professional assessment report for a learner with
    literacy-related difficulties displays knowledge of the cognitive processing differences
    associated with dyslexia and demonstrate own ability to coherently explain complex issues
    to a work and academic audience.
  • Critically evaluate the role of own personal motivations, aspirations, and actions in the
    context of strategic planning and management of professional development.

How the course works?

Each module of the Level 7 Specialist Assessor Course is divided into separate topics and these will be taught by tutors who specialise in that area. You must complete the modules in the sequence given for the particular program.
Candidates are only allowed to enroll for one module at a time. If you do not pass a module you will be able to undertake a resubmission process. You will not be able to progress to the next module in the
sequence until such time as the preceding module has been successfully completed.

How is the programme delivered?

  • An e-learning course which uses a virtual learning environment (VLE), currently Moodle,
    as the method of delivery. The programme encompasses interactive online study along
    with teaching and assessment.
  • Flexibility for learning in a personalised way which enables studying to be fitted around
    personal and professional commitments.
  • Regular support from a team of specialist tutors to guide you through the postgraduate
    level study.

Entry Requirements

  • This route is only available to those individuals who already hold a Specialist Teaching Qualification such as the Dyslexia Action Certificate in Structured Teaching Intervention, OCR Level 5 (with ATS) or other BDA or Guild accredited courses
  • Candidates with Module B gained through prior study with Dyslexia Action will be able to progress directly to Module D
  • APL candidates will be required to complete a bridging module prior to entry to Module B.

How much does it cost?

Fees are payable by module, one at a time, and must be paid in full before the start of the module or you will be referred to the next available date

Pay Online at the time of registration

  • Module B £1250+ VAT
  • Module D £1650+ VAT
  • Module E  £1650+ VAT

* Please note there is an additional fee of £25(Plus VAT) for any payments not made online at the time of registration by credit/debit card

* Please click here for Information about Reclaiming VAT

* Price includes Student Membership of the Dyslexia Guild while the participant is actively studying on a three module programme and for the first year of the programme only

How to apply

Please ensure that you download and read the information in the Downloads section before applying.

To apply, please download the application and send the completed application form to pgmail@dyslexiaaction.org.uk

Entry Jan 2020: Apply by Sunday 24 Nov 2019
Entry April 2020: Apply by Feb 2020
Entry Sept 2020: Apply by Jul 2020

Download a brochure/further information

How can I access tests?

Depending on the modules you choose, you will need to be able to access one or two specific assessment tests to be able to complete the course.

There are various places to buy tests or it may be possible to borrow them from the Guild library. Real Group runs the Dyslexia Action Shop which sells many of the most popular tests from the main test publishers in the UK and USA Guild members receive a 10% discount, another option is to join the Dyslexia Action Shop Test Loan Scheme.

Please note: we have no control over the rules that publishers use to decide who is eligible to buy their tests and we will need to follow their guidance when selling tests. We may need you to provide information regarding qualifications for us to check your eligibility.

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