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Award in Learning Support for Adults with Dyslexia – (DAAWD60)

Why take this course?

DAAWD60 – The Level 5 Award in Learning Support for Adults with Dyslexia course explores three key specialist areas of learning and acknowledges the diverse classroom of today. You will learn how to address memory weakness in the learners you work with, develop writing skills and support EAL learners with dyslexia, exploring recent research that underpins the teaching methods to support learners with dyslexia and with EAL.

The Award in Learning Support for Adults with Dyslexia is the second Award suitable for Study Skills to Support Tutors who wish to gain or maintain professional membership for Non-Medical Helper (NMH) Band 4 registration. See the Dyslexia Guild Membership for further information.

Course Content

Award in Learning Support for Adults with Dyslexia (DAAWD60) consists of three Units.

  1. Supporting Individuals with Memory Weaknesses (DACPD52) explores some of the different aspects of memory and aims to promote an understanding of the barriers that working memory weaknesses can create within learning environments. It introduces a more analytical approach to teaching, providing practitioners with the opportunity to reflect upon their own practice and to consider how it can be tailored to strategically support learners with dyslexia and working memory weakness
  2. Developing Writing Skills in Adults with Dyslexia (DACPD93) designed to increase understanding of the processes involved in developing adults’ writing skills and to provide strategies for use in the classroom. Although the focus is on how to nurture the development of writing skills in learners with dyslexia, the approach will benefit a wide range of learners struggling to acquire effective writing skills
  3. Dyslexia in Multilingual Settings (DACPD94) will explore the challenges presented when supporting multilingual learners with dyslexia. The learner’s cultural context will be considered, together with the impact this has on learning and progress. The key components for supporting multilingual learners will be examined with a view to identify appropriate support strategies for multilingual learners with dyslexia.

Is this course accredited?

Our Level 4 and 5 CPD programme is approved by The CPD Standards Office and you receive a certificate from Dyslexia Action upon completion.

How is the programme delivered?

  • The courses are delivered online which offers you the flexibility to organise your time to fit around your professional and personal commitments.  It also saves you the time and expense of travel and classroom attendance
  • Total study time per unit is 3 – 5 hrs a week, 20 – 30 hours total study over a 7 week period per unit*
  • Tutor support is offered throughout the duration of the induction and course
  • Our units equate to Level 4 or 5  on the Register of Regulated Qualifications (RQF).

*e.g. if the participant registers to study for the first of three Units in July 2022, they can then study Unit 2 in September 2022 and Unit 3 in November 2022.

Are you eligible?

Applicants should:

  • Be qualified to at least level 3 (‘A’ level) on the UK qualifications framework or have other equivalent qualifications and relevant experience
  • Teaching assistants must be mentored by a qualified teaching professional whilst on the course

Participants should normally be employed as a:

  • Qualified learning or adult support tutor and be currently (or recently within the last 2-3 years) employed to work with learners in a further or higher education educational setting or those working in a support function
  • Have a minimum English language ability level such as IELTS 6 or TOEFL 60-78 points.

Please note: We reserve the right to request information in support of all applications from a headteacher or other suitably qualified line manager or referee.

CPD Progression - is this Award part of a Certificate or Diploma qualification?

The Award in Learning Support for Adults with Dyslexia  is part of a wider CPD programme which offers the opportunity to choose from a range of study options:

Level 5 Diploma in Strategic Teaching Support for Dyslexia and Literacy (DADIP61)

If you would like to train to become a full specialist SpLD teacher/practitioner and hold either:

  • The Certificate in Supporting Adults with Dyslexia and Co-occurring Difficulties (DACRT56) 

You may be in a position to enrol in the following teacher/practitioner certificate course: 

Successful completion of either DACRT56 plus DACRT60 will give you:

The Level 5 Diploma (DADIP61) confers eligibility for Associate Membership of The Dyslexia Guild (ADG) recognised as the first grade of professional membership for a specialist teacher/practitioner and approved by The CPD Standards Office.  The Level 5 Diploma is also accredited by the British Dyslexia Association for Approved Teacher Status or Approved Practitioner Status (ATS/APS) and PATOSS for Associate membership.

Do you hold a degree?

As an alternative to the pathway routes, we offer a Level 5 Fast Track Route: this route is only available for graduates with at least two years of recent and relevant teaching or learning support experience in a dyslexia/literacy support setting and takes one calendar year to complete.  More details can be found here.

How much does it cost?

  • Pay online by debit/credit card at the time of registration £855+VAT (making a saving of £10 per unit if booking three units individually)
  • Pay later £880+VAT (this price includes an additional fee of £25+VAT for those choosing not to pay online at time of registration.  All monies must be received before the start of the course, the pay later option is only available up to 2 weeks before the start of the course)

Make a booking

Our courses run six times a year in September, November, January, March, May and July. Please click on the date below to make a booking for the Award containing three units (click here to book the units individually). 

  • 13 July 2022 
    Book by 29 June (if pay later/invoice required upfront) or book by 6 July if paying by credit/debit card at time of registration
  • 14 September 2022
    Book by 31 August (if pay later/invoice required upfront) or book by 7 September if paying by credit/debit card at time of registration

Bookings open soon for:

  • 16 November 2022 
  • 18 January 2023
  • 15 March 2023
  • 10 May 2023
  • 12 July 2023

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