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Unit in Developing Numeracy Skills in Learners with Dyslexia and Dyscalculia – (DACPD99)

Why take this short course?

DACPD99– This level 4 short course unit examines the processes involved in mathematical thinking and how they link to aspects of memory and attention.  The difficulties that learners with dyslexia and co-occurring difficulties, particularly dyscalculia, can have with numeracy are explained.  The association of ‘number sense’ (numerosity) with dyscalculia is also examined.  The unit explores theory, offers some practical ideas and provides the practitioner with the fresh perspective necessary to effectively use structured, cumulative, multi sensory teaching to promote numeracy development in learners where it is stalled or significantly delayed.

Learning Outcomes

On completion, participants will be able to:

  • Identify the cognitive attributes necessary for the development of numeracy skills.
  • Identify the difficulties that learners with dyslexia may experience when developing numeracy skills.
  • Discuss the importance of relational understanding in mathematical development.
  • Identify the difficulties that learners with dyscalculia may experience when developing numeracy skills.
  • Be able to apply the principles of structured, cumulative, sequential, multisensory learning when teaching numeracy

How is the course delivered?

  • The course is delivered online which offers you the flexibility to organise your time to fit around your professional and personal commitments.  It also saves you the time and expense of travel and classroom attendance
  • Total study time is 4-5 hrs a week (30 hours total study over a 7 week period)
  • Tutor support is offered throughout the duration of the induction and course
  • This qualification equates to Level 4 or 5  on the National Qualifications Framework (NQF) and the Qualifications and Credit Framework (QCF)

Entry Requirements

  • Be qualified to at least level 3 (‘A’ level) on the UK qualifications framework or have other equivalent qualifications and relevant experience. Teaching assistants must be mentored by a qualified teaching professional whilst on the course
  • Qualified classroom teachers or teaching or learning assistants and be currently (or recently within the last 2 years) employed to work with learners in the UK or internationally
  • Qualified learning or adult support tutor and be currently (or recently within the last 2 years) employed to work with learners in a further or higher education educational setting or those working in a support function
  • Have a minimum English language ability level such as: IELTS 6 or TOEFL 60-78 points if English is the second language

How much does it cost?

  • Pay online by debit/credit card at the time of registration £295+VAT.
  • Pay later £320+VAT (this price includes an additional fee of £25+VAT for those choosing not to pay online at time of registration.  All monies must be received before the start of the course)

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