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We are an online dyslexia training provider. Dyslexia Action Training offers specialist teacher training/practitioner & specialist teacher/practitioner assessor training. We offer pathways to achieve specialist teacher/practitioner assessor status. Our courses are designed to strengthen the expertise and confidence of teachers, SENCos, practitioners, teaching assistants, learning support staff, language therapists, tutors, and lecturers who support students with literacy difficulties, dyslexia and other specific learning difficulties.

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Join The Dyslexia Guild

You may also be interested in membership of The Dyslexia Guild which offers numerous benefits, including post-nominals (letters after your name), an annual conference, online forums, topical journals, e-newsletter and online library with e-books and e-journals. You can find further details on The Dyslexia Guild website here.

Dyslexia Action Shop

You may have noticed that the Dyslexia Action Shop has many new and popular psychological assessments and resources available to view at the show last month. Please get in touch with our team at the Dyslexia Action Shop on 01784 222339, via email at or simply visit the website for more details.   


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