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Level 7 Professional Diploma in Dyslexia and Literacy

diploma in dyslexia

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Entry Requirements

Course Content - Modules and University Credits

The Professional Diploma in Dyslexia comprises THREE modules at Level 7 which provides training as a specialist assessor (you must complete the modules in the sequence given) gaining 60 credits towards a Master’s level (postgraduate) qualification with Middlesex University London. The three 20 credit modules are:

Module D: Assessment of Literacy Related Difficulties – 20 credits

  • This module enables the practitioner to consolidate understanding of the principles and practice of the psychometric assessment process. It also provides an opportunity to construct a professional assessment report for a learner with literacy-related difficulties. The module aims to give a detailed grounding in the structuring of teaching intervention programmes, so that practitioners can link assessment findings with potential strategies to remediate weaknesses uncovered during the assessment process.

Module E: Assessment of Specific Learning Difficulty (Dyslexia) – 20 credits

  • This module builds upon the conceptual and practical aspects of Module D and provides the practitioner with an opportunity to construct a professional assessment report for a learner displaying characteristics of dyslexia. New assessment tools are introduced to increase the range of cognitive processes that can be considered in the construction of the learner’s cognitive profile. The module also provides the opportunity to develop the presentation skills needed to enhance the practitioner’s ability to advise colleagues on a range of support strategies in his or her own setting.

Module F: Research in Language and Learning – 20 credits

  • This module aims to enable practitioners to critically evaluate a range of current research perspectives on language, learning and cognition and demonstrate a practical understanding of how established research techniques can be used to create and interpret our knowledge of learners with dyslexia and co-occurring difficulties and how they are affected by the dynamics of learning environments. Practitioners develop a draft research proposal on a topic of interest to deepen their understanding of the issues involved in research in context and they deliver a presentation to colleagues during a draft proposal review process. The knowledge gained ensures that the practitioner has a sound basis from which to communicate the key issues in the field and strategically support the continuing professional development of colleagues.

Supervised assessment is an essential part of Modules D and E.  Participants are required to find learners who have not recently (within the past year) been assessed using the assessment tools within the module. Participants will be expected to select a learner in the age range in which they have trained, and teaching practice must be undertaken within a DfE registered or independent school and should be covered by the school DBS check and safeguarding arrangements (this does not apply to those based overseas although the school or college should be a registered organisation through the state authority). Further details can be found in the brochure above.

Please note:

  • Candidates are only allowed to enrol and pay for one module at a time. If you do not pass a module you will be able to undertake a re-submission process
  • You will not be able to progress to the next module in the sequence until such time as the preceding module has been successfully completed.

After completion of Modules D, E and F in addition to being a holder of a Level 5 or Level 7 SpLD Teaching qualification you have eligibility to apply for an
Assessment Practising Certificate.

Progression - is this Diploma in Dyslexia part of a wider programme?

  • We offer an MEd Professional Practice in Dyslexia and Literacy programme, for further details click here 

Please read our APL document before applying Accreditation of Prior Learning 2019-2020


The Postgraduate Level programmes delivered by Dyslexia Action Training can lead to the award of credit points, as indicated, by Middlesex University

The Dyslexia Action Professional Programme is eligible for Member (MDG) of The Dyslexia Guild. and accredited by the British Dyslexia Association (BDA).

Fees and payment

Fees for the diploma in dyslexia are payable by module, one at a time, and must be paid in full before the start of the module or you will be referred to the next available start date.

Pay Online at the time of module registration (UK and Overseas):

  • Module D  £1,650 +VAT *
  • Module E  £1,650 +VAT *
  • Module F  £1,400 +VAT.*

* Please note there is a Pay later fee of £25 +VAT for those choosing not to pay online at time of registration.  All monies must be received before the start of the modules.

How to apply

Please ensure that you download and read the information in the Downloads section before applying.

To apply, please download and complete the application form then send it to pgmail@dyslexiaaction.org.uk

Entry Jan 2021: Apply by 30 Nov 2020.
Entry April 2021: Apply by Feb 2021 applications will open December 2020.
Entry July 2021: Apply by July 2021 applications will open April 2021.

How can I access tests?

Depending on the modules you choose, you will need to be able to access one or two specific assessment tests to be able to complete the course.

There are various places to buy tests or it may be possible to borrow them from The Guild library. Real Group runs the Dyslexia Action Shop which sells many of the most popular tests from the main test publishers in the UK and USA Guild members receive a 10% discount, another option is to join the Dyslexia Action Shop Test Loan Scheme.

Please note: we have no control over the rules that publishers use to decide who is eligible to buy their tests and we will need to follow their guidance when selling tests. We may need you to provide information regarding qualifications for us to check your eligibility.


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