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CPD Short courses

Who are these CPD courses suitable for?

CPD courses for teachers

Dyslexia Action Training offers varied and flexible accredited CPD courses to suit all levels of educational staff including teachers, SENCos, practitioners, teaching assistants, learning support staff, language therapists, tutors and lecturers both in the UK and overseas. The following information relates to our short CPD course units, all at levels 4 and 5, all accredited by The CPD Standards Office and all competitively priced at £295 plus VAT each.

These short CPD course units can be studied independently or built into awards and certificates and eventually can lead to studying the Level 5 Strategic Teaching Diploma, a specialist teacher training course that provides an introduction to a structured specialist teaching programme that can be used in school or college settings or with adults.

Entry requirements* and all related information can be found on the respective course links below.

*Please note that there is no requirement to complete a level 4 course before a level 5 course – the levels for each are simply reflective of the academic levels of the content for each unit.

Level 4 Dyslexia and Co-occurring Difficulties (DACPD51)

Level 4 Supporting Individuals with Memory Weaknesses (DACPD52)

Level 4 Structured, Cumulative Multisensory Tuition for Learners with Dyslexia (DACPD53)

Level 4 Developing Reading Skills in Learners with Dyslexia (DACPD84) 

Level 4 Developing Writing Skills in Learners with Dyslexia (DACPD85)

Level 4 Developing Spelling Skills in Learners with Dyslexia (DACPD86)

Level 4 Supporting Adults with Dyslexia and Co-occurring Difficulties (DACPD91)

Level 5 Supporting Study Skills in Adults with Dyslexia (DACPD92)

Level 5 Developing Writing Skills in Adults with Dyslexia (DACPD93)

Level 5 Dyslexia in Multilingual Settings (DACPD94)

Level 5 Developing Literacy Skills with Assistive Technology (DACPD96)

Level 4 Developing Numeracy Skills in Learners with Dyslexia and Dyscalculia (DACPD99)


Our CPD programme and its Units are accredited by The CPD Standards Office and British Accreditation Council.

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