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Level 7 Postgraduate Certificate – Specialist Assessment for Literacy-Related Difficulties


Course Overview

Qualification: Postgraduate Certificate – Specialist Assessment for Literacy-Related Difficulties

Start Dates: available from April 2023

Duration: 12 months

Course type: Postgraduate – Level 7

Method: Online distance learning

Outcome: Specialist SpLD teacher/assessor

Fees: £3,950 + VAT (payable in two instalments)

Discover the programme in more depth

Why take the Certificate in Assessment?

Delegates completing this Certificate will gain the skills and knowledge to:

  • Gain a firm grounding in key statistical concepts and in-depth knowledge of a complex, standardised literacy assessment tool; gain competence with a reporting protocol for literacy-related difficulties
  • Gain knowledge of key statistical concepts associated with educational assessment; develop competence with a reporting protocol for the cognitive processing difficulties associated with dyslexia and hone consultative skills.

The Certificate in Assessment is split into two modules:

  • DAPP21-03: Psychometric Assessment of Literacy-Related Difficulties
  • DAPP21-04: Psychometric Assessment of Cognitive Processing

Are you eligible?

Entry to the Postgraduate Certificate – Specialist Assessment for Literacy-Related Difficulties course is only available to those individuals who already hold a degree qualification plus an accredited level 7 qualification as a Specialist SpLD Teacher (gained within the last 5 years). 

There are two alternative routes to specialist assessment please see our training to become a Specialist SpLD Assessor dedicated page.

We reserve the right to reject any application that does not meet the criteria specified or to require the applicant to complete other courses prior to entry into the programme. 

Demands of the course

Are there any live tutorials?

There are no ‘live’ one-to-one tutorials or meeting provisions within the modules or requirements to be online at particular/set times of the day).

Supervised Assessment

The Dyslexia Action Professional Programme is a competency-assessed programme. Supervised assessment is an essential part of Modules DAPP21-03 and DAPP21-04. Tutors will supervise the practical work by giving support and feedback.  Candidates submit filmed recordings of some of the practical work.

Working with a learner

Participants are required to find learners whose main difficulties are with literacy and who are not currently receiving any other form of specialist teaching support.  

Assessment administrations

Assessment administrations must be undertaken within a managed educational setting i.e., a government registered school, college or other government registered educational setting.  It is not permitted for participants to undertake assessment administrations in their own home or the learner’s family home.  

Please note: You can only refer to yourself as a specialist teacher/practitioner/assessor if you already hold a teaching qualification, without a teaching qualification you would refer to yourself as a specialist practitioner/assessor.

Further details can be found in The Level 7 Programme Syllabus above.

How will you be assessed?

The assessment strategy for this programme covers both theoretical and practical elements and is designed to develop practical skills in specialist teaching and assessment and encourage evaluation of the research and evidence-base, so that theory is integrated into practice. A combination of assessment tools is used and these include:

  • Assignments (formative and examined), essays and assessment reports
  • Exercises and peer evaluation discussions on Moodle
  • Practical teaching material assignments, case studies
  • Quizzes and other online self-assessment instruments
  • Reflective reports
  • Weekly lesson plans and evaluations (specialist teaching)
  • Filmed evidence of assessment administration (psychometric assessment) and teaching practice 

How to apply, fees and payment

Please ensure that you download and read the information in the syllabus programme brochure above before applying.

1. Download and complete the application form in full (including the essay, incomplete forms will not be accepted)
2. You then need to register by clicking on the relevant date link below (you will require your completed application form, a copy of your degree certificate, a copy of your level 7 postgraduate certificate and I.D. documents to be able to progress with the registration and upload)

Please note: payment will not be required at the time of registration

  • Entry April 2023 please click here to complete your registration.
  • Entry October 2023, bookings open April 2023

Professional Practice Materials

Applicants should note that the Dyslexia Action Postgraduate Certificate in Assessment qualification is intended for individuals who wish to work as a specialist literacy teacher/assessor in educational settings. You will need personal copies of your own test materials, books and resources on the course and you will then be able to use these for your own professional practice following the course. 

Modules DAPP21-03 and 04 will require significant investment in psychometric assessment test materials which is in addition to the course fees. There is a Study Route Purchase Scheme for key assessment test batteries operated by the Dyslexia Action Shop.  These test materials are resources that you will be able to use in your future professional practice once you qualify. You may also be able to borrow tests from your school or college. 

You will be sent a full list of required resources including assessment tests, practical teaching materials, books and materials once you have registered for the course.

Transfer of credits/recognition of prior learning


The Dyslexia Action Postgraduate programme is a competency-assessed course at Level 7, Master’s level, which requires tutor assessment of the candidate undertaking teaching and assessment. This means that other academic programmes that have not included competency assessment or are at a lower level (e.g. Level 5 or Level 6) will not qualify for accreditation of prior learning (APL).

For further details see: Recognition of Prior Learning


Dyslexia Action courses have been in existence for over 40 years and have a national respected profile in specialist teacher training and support. Our courses meet several accreditation criteria reflecting the importance we place on the quality of our courses and high standards of teaching and learning which are intrinsic to our programmes.

The Postgraduate Diploma: Specialist Assessment and Teaching for Literacy-Related Difficulties confers eligibility for Member of The Dyslexia Guild (MDG) recognised as the first grade of professional membership for a specialist teacher/practitioner/assessor and is awarded and quality assured by Middlesex University. This means that you will receive a Middlesex award upon successful completion. 

British Dyslexia Association for AMBDA (additional teaching hours may be required, and subject to approval), PATOSS for FULL membership and eligible to gain/apply for an Assessment Practising Certificate – SASC (subject to approval).

Assessment Practising Certificate

What is an Assessment Practising Certificate (APC)?

The Department for Education (DfE) requires that specialist teachers or support tutors who undertake specialist assessments in post-16 schools, colleges, universities, workplace training establishments and local authority assessment centres are competent and qualified to do so.

An APC is effectively a licence to practise. It confirms that you have the appropriate qualifications to undertake full diagnostic assessments and that your professional practice is up-to-date and has been externally verified as continuing to meet defined competence standards. 

The Dyslexia Guild is an APC awarding body issuing Assessment Practising Certificates on behalf of the SpLD Assessment Standards Committee (SASC).

Either of the above two route options are eligible for an application of an APC. For further details click here

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