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The Level 5 Certificate in Strategic Teaching Support for Dyslexia and Literacy (DACRT60)

Why take this Certificate?

DACRT60 – This level 5 Certificate course is the second part of the Level 5 Diploma qualification and provides an introduction to a structured specialist teaching program that can be used in school or college settings or with individuals of any reading age in private practice.

Course Contents

This Certificate consists of three course units, each of one term.

DACPD81: Principles of literacy intervention for learners with dyslexia and other literacy-related difficulties

DACPD82: Structured sequential literacy support and the placement process

DACPD83: Developing a Literacy Intervention for learners with dyslexia or literacy-related difficulties

Learning Outcomes

  • Examine how particular features of a literacy programme can promote learner independence in
    literacy development.
  • Demonstrate the understanding of the components of a structured literacy intervention programme.
  • Provide participants with the technical knowledge and skills needed to put into practice the theoretical understanding gained from prior study
  • Provide the technical knowledge necessary to foster language awareness in learners with dyslexia
  • Give an in-depth understanding of the rationale for some tried and tested resources; DALP
  • Explain the placement process to provide participants with the necessary background knowledge and skills to place learners at the correct stage of an intervention programme

How is the course delivered?

The core curriculum is delivered by means of a range of e-learning resources. These include presentations, articles, exercises, videos and follow-up activities and tasks for participants to carry out at intervals. This course includes a Teaching Intervention Programme which the participant will undertake with one learner within their school/work environment.

The Level 5 Certificate in Strategic Teaching Support is a demanding and intensive course which generally takes around 8-10 months to complete, part time. The Certificate requires an average of 10 hours of study per week. This includes the time needed for planning and delivering the Teaching Intervention Programme. The first Unit of each course is offered in September, January and April each year. Units must be followed sequentially, following the course schedule.

Entry Requirements

This course can be studied by candidates who have completed any of the following Pathway Certificates:

Qualified specialist teachers with a Level 5 or Level 7 specialist SpLD teaching qualification who wish to gain an introduction and practical experience of the Dyslexia Action Literacy Programme are also eligible to apply for the Certificate course (DACRT60).

Please refer to the Download section for more information about this course.

How much does it cost?

We offer flexible payment plans for this course.

  • Pay Online at the time of registration £1870 +VAT.
  • Pay in two instalments of £935 +VAT.
  • Pay in three instalments
    • First Payment of £535 +VAT.
    • Second Payment of £400 +VAT.
    • Final Payment of £935 +VAT.

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  • 29 April 2019 registrations will open 8 January.
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  • January 2020.

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The Level 5 Diploma (DADIP61) confers eligibility for Associate Membership of The Dyslexia Guild (ADG) recognised as the first grade of professional membership for a specialist teacher.

The Level 5 Diploma is also accredited by the British Dyslexia Association for Approved Teacher Status or Approved Practitioner Status (ATS/APS) and approved by The CPD Standards Office.

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