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Level 7 Descriptors

Level 7 – courses are mapped against the Ofqual Level Descriptors[1] as follows:

Level 7

Knowledge Descriptor (the holder…)

  • Reformulates and uses practical, conceptual or technological knowledge and understanding of a subject or field of work to create ways forward in contexts where there are many interacting factors
  • Critically analyses, interprets and evaluates complex information, concepts and theories to produce modified conceptions
  • Understands the wider contexts in which the area of study or work is located
  • Understands current developments in the area of study or work
  • Understands different theoretical and methodological perspectives and how they affect the area of study or work

Skills Descriptor (the holder can…)

  • Use specialised skills to conceptualise and address problematic situations that involve many interacting factors
  • Determine and use appropriate methodologies and approaches
  • Design and undertake research, development or strategic activities to inform or produce change in the area of work or study
  • Critically evaluate actions, methods and results and their short- and long-term implications.

For comparison, typical Level 7 qualifications include Master’s degrees, Postgraduate Certificates, Postgraduate Diplomas.

For further details on qualification levels see:
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[1] Ofqual 15/5774 (2015) Qualification and Component Levels: Requirements and Guidance for All Awarding Organisations and All Qualifications

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