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Supporting Adults Awards

Who are these Courses Suitable for?

Dyslexia Action online Continuing Professional Development courses have been designed to strengthen the expertise and confidence of adult learning specialists, tutors and learning support staff, teachers and teaching assistants in the UK and overseas. You can opt to study individual Units or Awards which are made up of three Units. Two Awards in Dyslexia are combined to form a Certificate.

How the courses work

Study either 3 individual Units for each Award or book all 3 Units at the same time and make a saving of £30. Full fees are given in the downloadable syllabus below.

The CPD Pathway to the Certificate in Supporting Adults with Dyslexia and Co-occurring Difficulties (DACRT56) is made up of two Awards:

The Certificate course also provides a pathway to the Level 5 Strategic Teaching Diploma (DADIP61) click here for further information.

DfE NMH Requirements

Did you know that as part of the new requirements for Study Support Tutors (Non-Medical Helpers) we may accept qualified and experienced study skills tutors into professional membership based on Accreditation of Prior Experience and Learning (APEL). Further information can be found under Membership Grades click here. This Certificate course is a suitable qualification for DfE approved Professional Membership eligibility.

When can I start and how do I apply?

  • Courses run six times a year with start dates in September, November, January, March, May and July
  • Please click on one of the links above to book Certificate/Award

How the Courses Work?

* Students can register for Certificate course which includes the two Awards. Or register for an individual Award and the completion of two Awards is equivalent for the Level 5 Certificate


Our CPD program and its Units are accredited by The CPD Standards Office and British Accreditation Council.


BAC accreditation

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