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Courses for Qualified SpLD Specialist Teachers

The Dyslexia Action Literacy Programme: Extension Courses for Qualified Professionals

The Dyslexia Action Literacy Programme (DALP) is a comprehensive specialist literacy programme. The programme has been developed by the postgraduate tutor team at Dyslexia Action; it provides a pathway, for learners at all stages of reading development, through individual placement identification.

DALP builds upon previous works by Orton, Gillingham and Stillman, Hickey, the Dyslexia Institute (Literacy Programme – DILP) and Hornsby, which all promoted the concept of structured, cumulative learning. Using this as a central tenet, DALP brings meta-cognitive learning and the development of meta-linguistic awareness to the forefront which, with the placement process as the underpinning strand of the specialist literacy support scheme, enables the practitioner to further extend their reach to those with dyslexia and literacy difficulties.

This series of short courses provides experienced practitioners with access to elements of the DALP programme through a series of masterclasses, to enable them to refresh and extend their professional practice. The first course in the core series is the Placement Process however practitioners may choose to select any of the programmes in any order. The Morphological Analysis course is a masterclass that provides an additional extension to the core series and as such may be selected by any practitioner who has relevant experience in literacy teaching.

No prior knowledge of the programme is needed, though participants are expected to have a working knowledge of a structured, multi-sensory literacy programme or hold a qualification in specialist teaching or speech therapy. Materials are provided online for participants to download and print as required.

Developing Placement Processes to Effectively Target Specialist Support (DAEXT716) 

The unit will be of interest to practitioners wishing to develop tailored, multi-sensory literacy interventions for learners.  Study of specific placement processes will enable practitioners to develop their own systems to appraise learners’ individual learning requirements.
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Developing Phonemic Awareness in Learners (DAEXT717)

This course demonstrates a strategic method of introducing learners with literacy-difficulties to the mapping of sounds to letters and letters to sounds.  Each learning point gives the practitioner key facts to ensure the smooth facilitation of learning and a range of resources to support the delivery of the new phoneme/grapheme. The standard learning points develop cumulatively in a highly structured way.  A method of delivering the extended learning points in a more individualised way is also demonstrated.
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Promoting Word-building and Sentence Analysis Skills in Learners (DAEXT718)

This course covers learning points associated with punctuation, syntax and suffixing.  It provides practitioners with a structured and meaningful approach to literacy tuition.  It demonstrates how to develop metalinguistic awareness in learners, so that learners can identify some key word classes and units of meaning within words (prefixes and suffixes).  Spelling is also examined in this unit, especially within the context of unaccented syllables – a key area of difficulty for many learners.
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Working with Syllables – Using Syllable Patterns to support the reading and spelling of longer words (DAEXT719)

This course covers the sub-skills necessary to ensure learners develop confidence in word attack strategies.  It demonstrates methods to introduce the concept of ‘long’ and ‘short’ vowel sounds to learners and how to link this to the decoding of words of more than one syllable.  Some common syllable patterns are covered to give practitioners the resources they need to promote the reading and spelling of a wide range of longer words.
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Using Morphology to enhance reading comprehension (DAEXT720)

This course gives practitioners the opportunity to study and reflect upon a range of affixes and word-roots, which build cumulatively to give a structured understanding of how to strategically support reading comprehension using morphological units. The materials provided in the morphology course are designed to give specialist practitioners the knowledge, strategies and materials they need to conduct interactive word-building and word-exploration sessions.  The materials for each masterclass can be adapted by the user to suit learners of all ages including adults in a range of settings.
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